About Wagnersen Posters


New life to your walls with beautiful posters by Franck Wagnersen.

All the posters are illustrated by hand - and I am the artist - my name is Franck Wagnersen.
Every poster starts with an idea and a lot of handmade sketches. Then slowly I work my way into the final illustration - it takes severel days, before I am satisfied with my work and has finished a poster.
The drawings are then prepared for reproduction and then printed on 160 gr. Extraprint - Brilliant white smooth uncoated paper - so beautiful.
I do not have a physical store - only online.

Wagnersen Posters is a Danish company and a part of Wagnersen Holding ApS. I started our business back in 1993 and have designed and developed websites, APPs and made a lot of illustrations - primarily to companies. I live and have my company in Fredericia, a town in Jutland, Denmark.
Starting a webshop with posters is a new challenge for me - I hope you like my posters.